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Definitely Authentic
Scan posted by: collectorjody29
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Notes: I feel so blessed & thrilled. I sent these 2 pictures that I printed from my PC along with 2 others & sent them to Miss Lena Horne on 04-03-10 and just received them back today 05-11-10. She had signed them all in Black sharpie and sent them off on 05-08-10 and she passed away on Mother's Day,05-09-10. Miss Lena Horne was a Fantastic Lady & now she is a Beautiful ANGEL. Thank you Miss Horne & SA! This is so Wonderful.I know these are real because I have one that I had gotten from her 8 yrs. ago,and the signatures are the same,just a little shakey.God Bless you Lena Horne!!! ;-)

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