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Celebrity Contact Successes Posted by Members
Claude Jarman, Jr.
Sent Mr. Jarman LOR, SASE & photos. I was very excited to receive...
Bea Arthur
Sent letter only and quickly received B&W 8x10 signed Affectionate...
Mario Andretti
Sent one baseball card and he quickly signed and returned it.
Wolke Hegenbarth
Sent a letter, a SAE and 1 IRC
Martin Sheen
On May 09, 2010, I sent a letter to Martin Sheen. On September 13, 201...
Bobby Doerr
Mr. Bobby Doerr gave me a piece of history.I asked him if I could send...
Bea Arthur
Received the exact same, very obviously pre-printed 8x10 black and whi...
Ben Roethlisberger
Sent him a letter, card, and an sase. Got my card back signed. My 2nd ...
Hank Azaria
received pre-print 5x7
Right Said Fred
Sent an email and received an autographed postcard.
Luis Olmo
sent letter with 2 index cards and requested a photo did not get a pho...
John Travolta
On February 23, 2010, I sent John Travolta a letter. I received an e-m...
Joey Votto
Got back signed Woooohooo! Thanks Joey!
Country Joe McDonald
Sent a letter and received the Country Joe McDonald Woodstock photo si...
Camille Coduri
I revcieved a letter and signed photos from her - Very pleased :D
Miley Cyrus
thank you SA
Trent Dawson
Mr. Dawson was starring in an off-Broadway play. Sent him 2 photos whi...
Michael Mears
I sent three blank cards too. I got my cards back signed plus three si...
Jane Fonda
On April 10, 2010, I sent a letter to Jane Fonda. On April 29, 2010, I...
Gil Gerard
sent this off to his fan club in 2007, I had this photo sent back to m...
David Beckham
Sent letter and only 8 days later received his autograph! Very fast an...
John Waters
Sent letter, sase and photo. Got photo back today personalized to me....
Russell Johnson
sent letter requesting for a photo. Also sent 2 index cards. received ...
John Travolta
Sent SASE and a letter and recieved a great photo personalized with Bi...
The Rock
I sent a SASE and got this totally great picture of him...niice your a...
Jerry O'Connell
Sent 3 photos he signed and personalized both. Thanks so much! All my...
Miranda Otto
Sent a E-Mail with request
Sebastian Vettel
Sent a LOR, a SAE and 1 IRC. Received a signed Driverscard.
Isaac Bruce
really fast return time
Mike Eruzione
Got a singed photo! Thanks Mr. Eruzione! And ME!!