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Celebrity Contact Successes Posted by Members
Alyson Hannigan
Sent a E-Mail with request
Leonard Nimoy
Received an 8x10 signed in silver sharpie to give to my brother for hi...
Jackie Chan
I sent 2 Pics ,letter ,SAE
Gordon Ramsay
Got this awhile back was very happy with it.
Bob Barker
I sent a nice letter and SASE to Mr. Barker, requesting two signed pho...
Marcia Gay Harden
I already have a photo of her that I received from my friend as a gift...
Mark Wahlberg
Recieved my photo back signed, but not dedicated like I asked. I didn'...
Cammie King
I sent her a letter and 2 photos and 1 index card and she signed the a...
Robin Williams
Received both photos signed and personalized.
Blake Lewis
I sent a letter asking for a pic and recieved two personalized 5x7's o...
Phil Ford
Sent card, got it back within a week.
Stephen Fry
Received small b&w personalized photo this morning, its lovely. So...
Alec Baldwin
Sent color 8x10 to Alec. He signed in silver sharpie. It's not easy fi...
David Cameron
Sent my 2008 hardback 1st edition of Cameron On Cameron which was dull...
IGNORE DATES After receiving my response from 4000 Warner Blvd, I noti...
Nate Torrence
Sent Mr. Torrence 2 photos. He signed and personalized both plus added...
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah took the time to autograph it to myself. Definatly worth it!
Mary Higgins Clark
Sent letter today! Received a great 5X7 picture signed anlong with a h...
Ignore the dates. I received two personalized pictures from her. The f...
Henry Winkler
sent SASE and a letter. Received a nice photo.
Johnny Depp
Just emailed... and received nice real signed photo (not pre-print)! ...
Kelly Hu
Great success! I got a nice 8x10 photo in just 10 days. Thanks.
Kirk Douglas
Sent req to Mr. Douglas. He kindly signed and personalized my photo. I...
Tilda Swinton
Sent a color 8x10...Rec'd it back unsigned with this b/w 8x10 photo. I...
Great success, very happy!
Ruth Westheimer
I mailed a letter,SASE,and in return she sent me a personalized 8x10.
Linda Gray
Sent LOR, SASE & photos. Received preprint & invitation to fa...
Jane Seymour
Sent SASE, letter, photo of Ms. Seymour in the James Bond film Live an...
Dick Van Dyke
Wonderful personalized color photo with autograph, thanks SA!
Leah Remini
Instead of the mailing her a fan letter and photo, I went to her websi...

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