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Celebrity Contact Successes Posted by Members
Dee Wallace Stone
On June 21, 2010, I sent a letter to Dee Wallace Stone. On March 14, 2...
Brigitte Bardot
Sent LOR, SASE & photos from my P.O Box on Galveston Island that I...
Jenna Fischer
Sent letter, SASE, and 2 photos from The office on 11/30/2009. Receiv...
Jimmy Buffett
On June 21, 2010, I sent a letter to Jimmy Buffet. The last week of Ju...
Carol Vorderman
Lovely signed photograph. Looks authentic!
Dominic Cooper
Exactly a month later, I received TWO signed pictures. One gorgeous 8x...
Marion Ross
Sent LOR, SASE & photos. Ms. Ross signed all of my photos. Thanks ...
Alan Alda
Sent email and got the usual pp picture. Nice new color one! :)
Anderson Cooper
Sent a great personalized 8x10 signed photo - "Meagan - Best wishes!"
Michael Douglas
nice but looks to be an autopen
Lauren Bacall
Sent Ms. Bacall LOR, SASE & photos. As always, Ms. Bacall signed ...
Simon Cowell
Reseaved A a4 photo with his official signature in marker pen Hanii...
Billy Squier
Another old success for mystars. Sent his assisstent an email. She too...
George & Barbara Bush
Sent SASE Letter Recieved this personalized 8x10 autographed by both ...
Jerry Lewis
I sent a letter & SASE and in 3 weeks I received both of my photos...
Richard Dreyfuss
Sent a letter with nothing else, and received a gorgeous 8x10 black &a...
Judge Judy Scheindlin
Sent email, received personalized autograph! Thanks SA!!
Nicolas Cage
Sent an email end of october, received photo print today,january 13th ...
Robert Pattinson
send two pictures and get them back signed
Dan Marino
Sent email received b&w pre-print. Still very happy with it.
Mary Wilson
I received two b/w photos signed by her.
Eli Wallach
Good,Bad & Ugly is my all time favorite movie. Sent personal lette...
John Williams
Sent a letter and a sase to the address. Received a nice small photo ...
John Cena
Got a wwekids magazine along with john cena autograph.
Mark Lester
Sent LOR, SASE & photos. Mark signed my items, personalizing seve...
Mark Lester
Sent LOR, SASE & photos. Mark signed my items, personalizing seve...
Betty White
Took awhile but it was worth it!! Thanks Betty White and ME :)
John Cleese
Sent Letter & 9x12 SASE Received a very nice 8x10 back Person...
Judge Judy Scheindlin
received a personally signed 8X10 black and white photo. emailed her...
Forest Whitaker
Ordered my free pic here. Really curious if I will get anything... ...

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