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Celebrity Contact Successes Posted by Members
Daniel Lavoie
sent letter and I received a personalized photo.
Anderson Cooper
Received a personally autographed 8X10 color photo! This is a CNN publ...
Gordon Ramsay
Send an email telling Gordon that I respect him and love to watch him ...
Olympia Dukakis
Sent letter, sase and photos. Really fast reply! Received both photo...
Harry Fujiwara
Sent a LOR, a SAE, a picture and 2 IRC's. Got my Picture back signed.
Annette O'Toole
Wrote to the theatre where she was starring, sent 3 photos, she signed...
Golden State Warriors
STEPHEN CURRY AUTOGRAPH!!! YES!! sorry no idea on dates (about 6 or 7 ...
Heidi Klum
photo :o 2 week
Rebecca Lobo
Sent a letter, SASE, and 3 trading cards to Ms. Lobo. Received all 3 c...
Jerry Lewis
Just Eleven days from Jerry! Very Happy! Thanks!
Joan Collins
Send a letter, a SASE, an IRC and three photos and get them back signe...
George W. Bush
I sent a nice letter, and got back a postcard that was signed and has ...
Paula Deen
I received a nice 5x7 Pre Print Photo (The Gloss is over the signature...
James Earl Jones
sent letter and recieved his autobiography signed thanks SA
Betty White
I sent a SASE and a letter and received a black&white inscribed au...
David Birney
On April 10, 2010, I sent a letter to David Birney. On August 05, 2010...
Lance Burton
I e-mailed him and requested a personalized autographed photo and rece...
Christian Bale
Sent a photo of Christian from one of the Batman movies, a letter, and...
Steve Forbes
Sent him 2 four leaf clover cards and two shamrock cards one set to ke...
Anthony Anderson
Ignore the dates. I got this autograph while his show was still on air...
Sophia Loren
I sent LOR, SAE, photos and 7 US dollars for return postage. Today I...
Rob Reiner
Sent req for photo. Rec'd a personalized b/w 8x10. Thanks Rob and SA!
Sarah Jessica Parker
She sent me a black and white picture personalized to me! Thank you!
Devon Aoki
She signed my 2 items fast in 11 days.
Benicio Del Toro
Sent an email and received this 5x7 SFM pp.
Harry Morgan
Sent LOR, SASE & photos. Mr. Morgan signed all of my photos. God ...
John Travolta
requested personalized, and tried with 2 index cards. I got back a per...
Mae Young
I mailed a letter and SASE, with 2 photos, she signed both photos for ...
Peyton Manning
Sent letter asking for autograph. Recieved white enveloped with pic l...
Christopher Plummer
Sent LOR, SASE & photos. Received all items signed and personaliz... is the #1 site for accurate celebrity addresses and photos. We've been on the web for many years and know the ins & outs of the celebrity industry. Join our community today and gain access to thousands of celebrity addresses, photos and mail results. Remember, most celebrities want to send you free photos to keep their fans happy.